The 5 Wild Senses

Applicable Ages: K-2

This program can be adapted for learners of all ages.

Program Description: Be mindful and use your sensory skills to compare how we perceive the natural world with how an animal or nearby tree may relate to their environment. Do animals see colors the same way we do? Can trees smell? You’ll find that though we are different, every creature is taking in information about their environment, and it can sometimes get complicated and overwhelming! Learn some sensory strategies to regain peace when you find yourself overstimulated. 

This program is often part of the “Active Observer” program. This “The 5 Wild Senses” activity can then be paired with the “Greenhouse Exploration” & “Meadow Sketch” activities.

Timeframe: 1 Hour ; April – October

Educational Standards:

SCI.LS1.A.1 Plants and Animals have external parts that they use to perform daily functions.

SCI. LS2.A.2 : Plants depend on water and light to grow.

SCI.LS1.D.1 Animals sense and communicate information and respond to inputs with behaviors that help them grow and survive.

ELS.C1.D.e : Recognize the mental, socio-emotional, and physical benefits of time spent outdoors, and explore strategies for self-regulation (E.g.; practicing quiet time, bringing awareness to the process of breathing, choosing a natural object to focus on over time), gauging self-limits, and developing confidence.