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The Rail Yard Garden

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We have been working on our newest area, The Rail Yard Garden for two years, starting in 2016.

Rail Yard Garden Highlights include:

  • 22 American Heritage Trees
  • 126 feet of class 1 rail track
  • Norfolk & Western Railroad hand pump car & shed
  • Custom rail fire pit and seating ring
  • Railroad signage
Historic Tree Heritage Farm CAT  

In 2016, we planted 22 mature American Heritage Trees with a 92" spade mounted on a 345 Caterpillar excavator along the pathway.  This pathway is inspired by Mr. Christopher's interest in railroads and American history. Education is an important aspect to the The Christopher Farm and Gardens.  

The Rail Yard Garden grows upon our mission to inspire creative and memorable learning experiences.  

"American Heritage Trees" is a national not for profit organization that promotes educational and environmental development by growing and selling saplings of trees from important places throughout the United States.

Their mission, "is to remember historical sites, people, and events by propagating living trees from seeds from the original trees..."

These trees are rooted in American history as each tree has a story telling it's historical significance.  In our garden we have plaques on each tree telling the story and where it came from. Click HERE to download a pdf of the certificates for our trees. 

American Heritage Trees come from seedlings and cuttings collected from prominent trees with historic lineage.  The trees are grown at the certified Rice Farm in Tennessee.   The nursery farm was started by Tom and Phyllis Hunter in 2013.  For more information you may visit the website: www.americanheritagetrees.org