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Greenhouse Exploration

Applicable Ages: K-2

This program can be adapted for learners of all ages.

Program Description: Explore the Production Greenhouse and the Show Greenhouse to discover some species of plants that may be familiar to you, along with many that may be new! Be creative and take the time to sketch one of the plants that is new. Learn why greenhouses are important for farmers, especially in Wisconsin! Create your very own mini greenhouse to take home with you and observe how a plant grows in the weeks following this program!

This program is often part of the “Active Observer” program. This “Greenhouse Exploration” activity can then be paired with the “Meadow Sketch” & “The 5 Wild Senses” activities.

Timeframe: 0.5-1 Hour; April – October

Educational Standards

A.A.R.1.e : Identify details, basic elements, and subject matter of an artwork.

A.A.Cn.2.e : Recognize Art & Design careers.

A.A.Cr.1.e : Explore studio skills, techniques, materials, tools and elements and principals of art and design.

SCI.LS2.A.2 : Plants depend on water and light to grow.