Meadow Sketch

Applicable Ages: K-2

This program can be adapted for learners of all ages.

Program Description: Walk to the lakeside meadow, located on the bluffs of Lake Michigan. Take a moment alone to quietly check-in with your surroundings, until you find a subject that you wish to sketch in your Junior Naturalist booklet. Take time to really draw your subject, noting the lighting and surrounding elements. Try to identify your subject or ask for help from your program leader. Come back together as a group and can share your artwork with the whole group if you choose!

This program is often part of the “Active Observer” program. This “Meadow Sketch” activity can then be paired with the “Greenhouse Exploration” & “The 5 Wild Senses” activities.

Timeframe: 0.5 Hours ; April - October

Educational Standards:

A.A.Cr.1.e : Explore studio skills, techniques, materials, tools and elements and principles of art and design through practice.

A.A.R.1.e : Identify details, basic elements, and subject matter of an artwork.