Active Observer

Applicable Ages: K-2

This program can be adapted for learners of all ages.

Program Description: Become an Active Observer and tune in to the magic of nature with these 3 activities, unique to The Christopher Farm & Gardens! Take the time to pause and activate your senses and really see the world around you.  How quiet do you have to be to sketch the insects on the meadow plants? How many new types of plants can you discover inside our greenhouse? Do plants use their senses to understand their environment, like we do? Join us for this mindful trip through the gardens and find out!

This “Active Observer” program is a combination of the ‘Meadow Sketch’, ‘Greenhouse Exploration’ and ‘The 5 Wild Senses’ activities.

Timeframe: 2 Hours ; April - October

Educational Standards:

A.A.Cr.1.e : Explore studio skills, techniques, materials, tools and elements and principals of art and design through practice.

A.A.R.1.e : Identify details, basic elements, and subject matter of an artwork.

A.A.Cn.2.e : Recognize Art & Design careers.

SCI. LS2.A.2 : Plants depend on water and light to grow. Plants depend on animals for pollination or to move their seeds around.

ELS.EX5.C.e. : Compare historical and contemporary natural resource use and practices. Identify how humans change the environment.

SCI.LS1.A.1 Plants and Animals have external parts that they use to perform daily functions.

SCI.LS1.D.1 Animals sense and communicate information and respond to inputs with behaviors that help them grow and survive. 

ELS.C1.D.e : Recognize the mental, socio-emotional, and physical benefits of time spent outdoors, and explore strategies for self-regulation (E.g., practicing quiet time, bringing awareness to the process of breathing, choosing a natural object to focus on over time), gauging self-limits, and developing confidence.