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We have three connected greenhouses at the Farm: a production greenhouse, a display greenhouse, and a hydroponics greenhouse.  All three greenhouses are in use year-round for displays, propagation, and in-door storage of tropicals in the colder months in Wisconsin.

Production Greenhouse

The Production Greenhouse is in use year-round.  Many of our vegetable plants are started by seed in the greenhouse.  We start trees from cuttings and seeds in the greenhouse.  For the Christmas and Easter holidays, we will grow respectively around 100 poinsettias and Easter lilies to give to friends and family.  

Display Greenhouse

The Display Greenhouse was added in 2014 as we were becoming tight on space in the production greenhouse and wanted an area to show some non-native plants of interest.  We have four sections in the display greenhouse: an orchid display, a cactus desert garden, an Asian-inspired garden, and a tropical plant section.  We also have two living walls and in the center are our taller specimen tropical trees and shrubs.  

Hydroponics Greenhouse

Added in 2016, the Hydroponics Greenhouse uses mineral nutrient-rich solutions, oxygen, and water to cultivate plants in lieu of soil. By using specifically designed growing media, the plants grow rapidly and flourish in quality.

Hoop House Nursery

The Hoop House Nursery is located along Garton Road and is utilized during the spring to start the growth process of our Perennial plants that will be planted around the garden.