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Farm Canning Kitchen

Fresh from the Farm Gardens

Under the direction of our Italian Farm Chef, George Quiriconi, the Farm Canning Kitchen cupboards are stocked each season with everything from Bread & Butter Pickles to Lavender Honey Jam.  Chef George uses produce harvested from our raised bed gardens and fruit from our orchards to make a rainbow of canned delicacies.  

The Canning Kitchen was added in 2013 and is located in our Landscaping Barn.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a 6-burner range, double ovens, industrial freezer/refrigerator, stainless steel multi sink unit for washing and drying produce, and all the Pampered Chef products one chef could need! 

Special sweet treats include pumpkin, apple, raspberry, black raspberry, sweet and sour cherry, and sweet potato pies.  

Canned goods include Applesauce, Spearmint Pear Sauce, Dilly Beans, Salsa, Butternut squash, Tomato Sauce, Bloody Mary Mix Tomato Juice, Beets, Corn, Zucchini, and Ketchup - Jay's favorite!

Wine Production:

In 2010 we started our own wine production with 100 percent Farm grown grapes.  The very first labeled wine, "Augusta", was in honor of Jay's Italian grandmother on his mother's side, Augusta Cimaglio.  Augusta was married to Basil Cimaglio, and our second wine label was "Basil".  In keeping with tradition, the following year's label was named "Cimaglio", and for each year since we have followed the alphabet with names of family and friends.  

Beer Production:

In 2016 we started our first hops garden under the direction of Miles Thompson.  The first year two batches were bottled, one is called "Buddy's Woodchuck Brew" and the other, "Muskrat Love Ale".  The Woodchuck Brew is a pale ale style beer and Muskrat Love is an American amber style beer.  

In 2019 we released two special beers for the June-A-Palooza annual fundraiser for Meals On Wheels.  Each year the fundraiser has a different theme.  "The Greatest Show on Turf" was a circus of an event with beer labels to match the theme.

"Spotted Clown" - Born of economic necessity in the 1800s, when all other American ales reflected the traditional English styles, the American Cream Ale was this young country‚Äôs entrepreneurial response to a surge in German immigrant breweries and their widely popular light lagers.  Brewed with flaked corn, oats, and barley it is characterized by its faint fruity esters, aromatic complexities, low hop bittering, and slight hop aroma. Light and refreshing, the American Cream Ale is the ideal Wisconsin summer beer.

"Red Nose Ale" - A cornerstone style of the American craft brewing revolution, American Ambers are darker in color than their pale ale cousins, the presence of caramel and crystal malts lending a toasted, toffee flavor, along with the perception of a fuller body when compared to beers without such malts. The American Amber is characterized by American-variety hops, which lend the floral notes of citrus, fruit, and pine to balance the sweetness of the malt. This Amber beer showcases a toasty, biscuit-like malt flavor coasting in equilibrium with the hoppy freshness of Centennial and Chinook hops grown right here at Christopher Farm & Gardens.

All our batches are small and used for personal consumption.  

Cider Production

As the leaves start to change from green to shades of bright red, orange, and yellow, we start to harvest our numerous apple varieties for the annual production of farm-fresh apple cider. Once the apples are picked, we then take roughly 30 to 40 full bushels to Whispering Orchards located in Cleveland, WI to aid in production. Whispering Orchards utilizes a process of pasteurization that foregoes the traditional route of heating and instead implements the use of a UV light to kill any harmful bacteria. The 30 to 40 bushels of apples will produce roughly 25 to 30 gallons of delicious apple cider. Our cider features several varieties of apples at a time and always includes an added 10% of pears for an extra zing of flavor.

Maple Syrup Production