Welcome to The Christopher Farm & Gardens

The Christopher Farm & Gardens is a privately owned residence requiring advanced registration for tours.  Go to our Contact page to fill out a request form for a group guided tour.  

Our 500 acre farm and botanical garden is located along the western shores of Lake Michigan in the scenic Pigeon River Valley of Mosel Township, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.  

We encourage you to explore our website to acquaint yourself with the various agricultural, horticultural and artistic aspects of the farm and gardens.

It was just beautiful! There wasn't an area I didn't like! I wish I could have stayed longer to explore!

- LuAnn M.

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Find Tranquility in our asian water garden.

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Learn about our honey bees.

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We love our vegetables!

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May 19

A couple days ago we saw a very cool nature moment in our pond, toads mating! We were lucky to have our camera along to photograph the many pairs of toads mating. Erika was so excited, that she actually joined the toads in the pond with a splash. Her accidental swim did not seem to disrupt the toads. To share a little more, toads mate in late April to early May, typically around when we have those first warm days of spring. The males travel to the pond first from their forest homes and make loud mating calls to the females. Females are drawn to the choruses of the males. As soon as a female arrives at the pond or creek, males will try to grab her. Males have horny tubercles on their first and second fingers to get a tight hold on the female. This mating grasp is called amplexus. The pair will stay in amplexus until they mate or another male separates them. Males are smaller than females and are always the ones on top.

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May 19

Christopher Farm & Gardens updated their cover photo.

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