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Lake Michigan Shoreline

Second largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan has a surface area of 22,300 square miles, making it the largest freshwater lake in the U.S. and the 5th largest lake in the world.

From our location, just north of Sheboygan, it is approximately 90 miles across the Lake to the shores of the State of Michigan.  The SS Badger Michigan Car Ferry travels across the Lake daily between Manitowoc, WI and Ludington, MI.  For more information you can visit: http://www.ssbadger.com/

Lake Michigan is Wisconsin’s "working lake" and is a critical part of Wisconsin’s economy. The availability of water and an inexpensive, easy way to transport goods brought many industries to the shores and tributaries of Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan cities also benefit from charter fishing, recreational boating and marina activity. Lake Michigan’s beautiful and diverse shoreline – from the sandy beaches of Racine, to the Sand Dunes of Sheboygan to the rocky shores of Door County – offers some of the state’s most popular tourist destinations. 

Lake Michigan Facts

Lake Michigan Fishing:

Lake Michigan boasts excellent charter and on-shore fishing. Species include Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Steelhead, Walleye and Chinook, Coho and Atlantic Salmon and Rainbow, Brown and Lake Trout.

Many of these species can be caught just off-shore from the Farm property.  Charter Fishing is a fun activity that is offered in Sheboygan.  For information on charter fishing options click on the link: Charter Services