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Farm Agriculture

300 acres of farmland

While The Christopher Farm & Gardens is best known and enjoyed for its acres of botanical gardens we have 300 acres of cropland that is leased by local farmers.  This year we have 150 acres in winter wheat, 50 acres in soybeans, 50 acres in feed corn and 50 acres in alfalfa.  

Ever wonder what the difference is between HAY and STRAW? 

We did! And learned "Hay is for Horses" is true! Hay includes alfalfa, clover and a variety of grasses.  Crops are cut alive, typically before the seed matures.  Hay has a variety of nutritional values including protein which is excellent fuel for hardworking horses. 

On the other hand, straw comes from the leftover dried stalks of wheat, oats and barley.  There is little to no nutritional value to straw and is not adequate animal feed.  Straw is great for insulating and farm animal bedding.